Drew Lowe

Work, hobbies and interests from an architect in the making -

1:200 Site Model 
Contours in the timber obtained using a milling machine, existing building form printed and trees purchased.   

MArch Year 1 Final Project: The Gibside Masterplan 

1:100 Sectional Models of ‘The Hydropathic Retreat’ housed with the ruin of Gibside House, Gateshead.

Humbledon Hill Housing Project 

Our first project into the MArch program, an ex-student, now qualified Architect from Northumbria University approached our head of year with an idea. Recently purchasing a plot of land large enough for several bespoke houses, he suggested that we [MArch students] design these. The finished designs are now with him for discussion with the Local Authority, who are very positive about the whole idea!

Here is the result of my project. 

Plan & Section Development 

Diagrammatic sketches explaining the development of both layout and levels of my housing project.

Hyperbolic Paraboloid A concept model I produced during experimenting with different tower forms.
Sectional Model
Lazer cut layers of hardboard slotted together by two metal rods.
Boat House
Image produced for work supporting a planning application.

The Sill 

Final presentation model, 3rd year

Site Model  

Sketchup Model of Newcastle Site.


Young Lit&Phil Library Project Floor Plans, Year 3

Pen, Pencil and Paper  
Axonometric Drawing
Pen and Paper 
Door Study, Sheildfield Church, Newcastle
Inverted Truss 
Concept modelling my scheme, final project, year 3. 

Angel of the North

Pencil and Paper 
Notre Dame, Paris